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The Lion King

There’s no other musical as acclaimed as The Lion King. It’s been seen by over 95 million people around the world. An amazing production, with animated sculptures on stage and enchanting music, this musical has become one of the major theatrical events of Madrid. The Lion King has completed a run of eight consecutive seasons, making it the first musical in Spain to achieve this.

Valentine's Day

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Enjoy the art in Madrid

Whether Seventeenth Century Dutch painting, Italian Renaissance or Cubism, I know there’s no artistic style you’re not familiar with. And is there any way of seeing them all in one tour? Of course there is! With this tour of Madrid we’ll travel to the city’s most important artistic centres and discover the secrets hidden behind the most emblematic works in the capital’s museums.

Flamenco Show in with dinner

There can be no better place to discover the passionate flamenco art during your stay in Madrid than the Corral de la Morería, one of the tablaos of the capital. This historic place opened its doors in 1959 and has captivated generations of fans ever since. 

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